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New Orleans Mardi Gras 2005

Here are some pics from the february meeting of AGRO. We loaded up our equipment and went to New Orleans to do a show for the BME BBQ.

Kids drove and flew from all over the country to attend. Cere from the Rites of Passage NYC crew showed up and helped me throw hooks all evening.

We suspended four people and it was great.

Not to mention it was the weekend before Mardi Gras so when we were not working- we REALLY got to play!

Rick Pierceall (AGRO Founder) sews the lips shut

on two girls before the fetish ball Friday night.

Both girls were in from Seattle- the one in the pic is Lisa.

Everybody's friend and dreadlock specialist- Miss Cherie!

Cherie is from London and just so happened to be in the states.

She flew in from Florida and joined us at Felix's Oyster bar.

She had no idea you peel crawfish before you eat them!

This is a pic of me and Cere throwing hooks in Patrick.

He drove in from Arkansas to do his second suicide style suspension.

Also in the pic are Glen (taking a pic) a bodmod artist from Ohio

and Mark- head rigger for AGRO.

Here is Patrick when his feet left the ground.

A 6 gauge hook for Liz! yay


Liz is our newest AGRO hook junkie, I mean, MEMBER, from Austin.

Here she is doing a 2 point suicide from 6g hooks.

Check our her shoulders- she has some bad ass scarification!!

Makin out in the street with the fun ladies of BME

Our AGRO bookeeper Daniel with Andie, a BME hottie from New York.

Two drunk hookers on Bourbon Street

Yeah, we tried to get a group pic going, but some of us

went downtown to relieve our pockets of that cumbersome

stuff called money. We are rougly half a dozen short in this one.

These are all BME poeple that came from all over to be there.

We also had some locals checking out the show too.

hell yeah it hurts